Top 10 Tips to keep baby cool during the heatwave

Get your paddling pools at the ready… the heatwave is here & (apparently) set to stay! Last summer I was heavily pregnant & struggling to keep myself cool but this year is all about keeping Isla happy so here are the top ways to keep baby cool & happy in the heat…

  1. Keep baby out of direct sunlight as much as possible – find a shady spot to sit & make sure you get a sunshade or parasol for the pram while you’re out & about!
  2. Get your hands on the highest factor sunscreen that you can & COVER them in it! We have a sensitive skin Factor 50 for Isla & re-apply it regularly!
  3. Keep their fluid levels up – if they are over 6 months offering water regularly. You can make it fun by making your own fruity ice-lolly’s.
  4. Get the paddling pool out but make sure it’s in the shade! Set yourselves up for a day enjoying the garden & get out all the water toys to explore.
  5. Wide brim hats are a must – and if your little one is like Isla & keeps taking it off – try & get one with a fastening under the chin.
  6. At bed time try a cooler bath than usual but make it a quick one.
  7. Get a room thermometer and try to reduce the temperature well in advance of bed time.
  8. Remove any unnecessary bedding & keep clothes to a minimum. Check the thermometer to see what they should be in! I’ve included a helpful chart below…!
  9. Try to create a breeze in their room – we put a fan next to the window and put a bowl with ice packs in front of it which helped lower Isla’s room by 5 degrees!
  10. If they fall asleep in their pram keep it in the shade & make sure it is well ventilated – don’t cover it in a muslin or blanket as that can make the temperature soar dangerously high inside.


We’re off to get in the paddling pool now – Leave me a comment & let me know your best tricks to keep your little one cool & how you are enjoying the sun…


Top 10 (ok, 11!) Tips for planning your Wedding & staying on budget!

Well it’s taken us long enough but we have achieved what felt like the impossible… We have booked our Wedding venue!! Not really hard to guess, if you follow me on Instagram  as it’s our favourite place in the world!


We have just over a year to organise everything and somehow that doesn’t seem like enough while juggling a business, a blog & being Mum! So I thought I’d share my top tips for starting your Wedding planning with minimum stress… (I just laughed out loud even saying that…ok… with maybe a bit less stress…!)

  1. Set a budget!!
    Sit down with your partner & write down what you are happy to spend. This is a list of what the average person in the UK spends and I think it’s a pretty good starting point… Start contacting venues and suppliers that you like to get an idea of costs! Total unashamed plug… If you are looking for a good photographer 😉

    Wedding venue and ceremony fees: £1,500
    Reception venue £2,500
    Catering: £2,500
    Drinks: £750
    Entertainment and venue decorations: £1,000
    Photography: £1,500
    Cake: £500
    Flowers: £550
    Transport: £250
    Stationery: £300
    Favours and gifts: £400
    Wedding rings: £600
    Dress: £2,000
    Bride’s shoes: £150
    Jewellery and veil: £250
    Hair and makeup: £150
    Bridesmaids’ outfits: £250
    Groom’s outfit: £320
    Attendants’ outfits: £250
    W-day insurance: £100
    Honeymoon: £4,000
    Total: £19,820

    Wedding Flowers 1

  2. STICK TO IT! (No, seriously!!)
    It’s so easy to start spending a little more here & there, but before you know it you’ve added another £5k to your budget and there goes your honeymoon…
  3. Decide what matters most to you…
    Discuss with your partner which parts of the Wedding are most important to you – obviously it’s the photography for me & neither of us were fussed about having a big white cake so we’re going to have a banoffee pie instead and save the £500 or put it towards something else more important to us!

    Wedding Cake 2

  4. Make a spreadsheet with everything on it.
    Keep everything in one place… budget, guests contact information, dietary requirements, RSVPs, a list of tasks with a deadline & all your suppliers information. Closer to the time you can make an itinerary that your venue will probably help with & your photographer etc. will need!
  5. Ask friends & family for help.
    Don’t get weighed down by the pressure of creating the perfect day. All the people closest to you are going to be so incredibly excited and more than likely would love to help you plan! Don’t be afraid to dish out some tasks to your maid of honour – that’s what she’s there for! 😉


  6. Don’t act on impulse. Take your time.
    When you go & visit a venue or supplier it’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement & before you know it you just put a deposit down on their triple gold package with dancing fountains and fireworks… but oh wait… THE BUDGET. Take a moment to chat with your partner to discuss what you actually went there for& reign it in!
  7. Do just one task every day towards the Wedding…
    A great way to not feel overwhelmed is to write a list of tasks & just tick one off each day. Whether thats searching for cake makers or choosing your colours, those are big decisions so don’t try & do it all at once!


  8. Be realistic…
    We wanted rows of trees with flowers covering every inch of the venue initially, but then came back down to earth with a thump when we realised that would make our flower budget as much as our WHOLE wedding! Haha! Set your sights on something achievable & make it the best it can possibly be!
  9. Do it yourself & get the kids involved!
    A great way to save money is to do things yourself, whether thats the invites or the flowers in jars – it seems to be all the rage right now! And don’t forget to include the kids in any way you can – even if it’s just licking the envelopes it might keep them quiet for a whole 5 minutes… 😉

    hanging jars

  10. Cut costs where you can & spend where it matters.
    Look through your budget & spot where money can be saved – maybe swapping the champagne toast for Prosecco or having smaller bouquets for the bridesmaids? That way you can spend where it really matters – get your dress properly fitted, the rings are going to be on your finger forever (hopefully!) so make sure they are going to last & the photographs are the most important that you will ever have taken in your life – so make sure you find someone that will treasure your day & capture it perfectly for you to remember forever!
  11. Try to have fun & enjoy it!
    Now get yourself on Pinterest and start dreaming of your perfect day! Get a glass of wine (or two!) and share pins with your bridesmaids to your hearts content! You’ll have planned 10 completely different Weddings by the end of the night!! 😉

colours 2

T-Minus 3 Weeks… Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To After Pregnancy

Well it’s just three weeks to go until my due date, and the excitement is mounting.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

I’ve not had the easiest ride through this pregnancy with some pretty nasty morning sickness until Month 7 & continuing hip problems (SPD) from week 15 – but it has been amazing to feel her kick, grow and dance along to her Daddy playing piano. While I’ll miss having her all safe and sound in the bump I am more than just a little excited to get back to being just ‘me’ and also the new ‘me’ as a Mum! As the big day approaches I’ve been thinking more and more about what I just can’t WAIT to do again…

1. Eat Sushi.
ALL the sushi. An embarrassing amount of sushi. In fact, just leave me alone with the sushi and come back in a few days…

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

2. Stand up/get out of bed without making some sort of involuntary groan…
Remember when you used to be able to just stand up and that was no big deal…? No, I can’t remember any more either.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

3. NOT need to pee 87654 times a day…
Enough said.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

4. Sleep on my stomach!
I’m not sure I even did this before but I’d just like the option you know?!

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

5. Walking more than 50ft without being tired…
Or up a hill slight slope without having to be dragged up by my partner.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

6. Drink as much coffee as I can…
All this decaf nonsense is just not right.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

7. Speaking of drinking…
Anyone for a cocktail? Or three?
Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

8. Not hitting my stomach into doors, tables, people…ok…literally anything..
My spacial awareness has officially gone out the window in these last few weeks & it’s been embarrassing more than a few times.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

9. People not saying (the same few) ridiculous things to me every day…
New favourite: ‘Ooh your bump is huge, theres no way you are making it to your due date.’ Errr… Thanks a bunch, Asshat.
(See also: 10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman!)

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

10. Fitting back into my wardrobe. And heels.
Oh to wear cute shoes again and actually be able to reach them to do them up…

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Pregnancy Adventures With Isla Blog

What are you most looking forward to? Comment below or tweet me @Poppy_Carter.