10 Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman

Getting pregnant is a wonderful, joyous & exciting time but during your 40 weeks you’ll probably encounter more than just a few people who say the wrong thing. I’m assuming (hoping) the majority are just woefully un-informed or lack any tact, but the only way to make it through is just to laugh it off…

1. ‘Was it an accident/planned?’
Errr… Is it any of your business? Either way, thanks for being excited for us!

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2. ‘Is it Twins?’
Oh yes, that’s only the 80th time someone has made that joke today. And I really can’t even pretend to laugh along anymore. Buying two of everything is exactly what we want right now…

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3. ‘Say Goodbye to your sleep!’
Another painfully common reaction to announcing your pregnancy. How about, ‘Congratulations, that’s wonderful’ instead?

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4. ‘Can I touch your bump?’
No. The answer is always no. If I say yes, it’s only because you have made me feel uncomfortable in a social situation and I feel like I have to say yes. I’m British and being uncomfortable is easier than confrontation.

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5. Every disgusting & painful thing that will happen during pregnancy & birth…
It’s too late now and I know this thing is going to have to exit somehow, but I really don’t need your horror stories to add to my already active imagination!

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6. Your bump is so small/big…
While you may think your comment is just idle small talk, you have no idea about all the details of the pregnancy and every little worry that runs through a pregnant mother’s head every second of the day. Is my baby growing properly? Is something wrong? So why not just say, ‘You look incredible’ and leave it at that?

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7. ‘Have you thought about how you are going to lose all the baby weight?’
Are you serious? Because there isn’t already enough pressure on women to look a certain way? I just successfully grew a HUMAN with my BODY. How about I do what I want and you run along now…

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8. ‘I was still running 15 miles a day when I was 8 months pregnant…’
Good for you! Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve made a hormonal woman feel bad about herself? I’m active, a healthy weight and my baby is growing perfectly but great… thanks so much.

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9. ‘You just wait…’ And everything that follows this line..
You think you’re tired now, you just wait until the baby is here! You think your back aches now, you just wait until week 38! And you just wait until I head-butt you…

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10. ‘You don’t need to buy anything’
But you see…the thing is… It’s my baby, I’m excited &¬†why should everyone else get all the fun?

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What are the worst things anyone has ever said to you? Leave them in the comments below or tweet me @Poppy_Carter