Mrs. Henderson Presents – Opening Night

The opening night of Mrs. Henderson presents was on Tuesday & seeing as it was Barney’s first time as Musical Director of a West End show (SO FREAKIN’ COOL!) we thought we’d celebrate properly!


We decided to book a hotel & asked my lovely mum look after Isla so Barney could enjoy his big night without having to leave the party early to catch a train. Booking a hotel in London is always an interesting experience – you can pay hundreds for a tiny box or find a hidden gem (still hundreds!) and get a whole penthouse!


I’ve walked past LIB-RARY so many times & thought, ‘That looks so cool,  I wonder whats in there!?’… seeing as it’s a private members club, I’d never managed to satisfy my curiosity. But we just couldn’t resist booking it when it sits perfectly between the theatre & the after party! And as you can see… we were not disappointed! Room4Room

Complete with it’s own balcony over looking St. Martins Lane – it had the ‘wow’ factor at every turn!




With all my pregnancy hip problems I’ve had to ease myself very gently back into exercise and also be a lot more realistic with my goals – so when I had to find an outfit for an industry party I knew the thing I needed the most would be shapewear!! The wonderful people at BellyBandit kindly sent me their Mother Tucker Corset to try & I fell in love instantly!!

This wardrobe essential is comfortable enough to wear all day (no, seriously!) and thin enough to hide under your clothes. Created with 2 layers of SecureStretch™ material for double compression, this smart corset slims your waist and tummy while concealing bothersome back bulge. The soft boning ensures the corset will stay in place without rolling or digging, and the lightweight and breathable fabric provides maximum comfort. The 6-hook design allows for greater adjustability and compression.

Once I’d found a dress all I needed were some killer heels & I was ready to go!
These beauties are by Sophia Webster – they have been sitting in the box waiting to be worn since I bought them two days before I found out I was pregnant!

ShoesLibraryRoom1Library Room2FlatLay


The view from the balcony was beautiful & perfect for truly appreciating the glory of the Coliseum!


I haven’t been out in such a long time, I actually forgot what I needed & didn’t bring anything to do my hair – so a pony tail would have to do!! Into my dressMother Tucker® Corset, & Marc Jacobs jacket (similar here) & ready to go!


It was amazing to spend some time just being a double act again – even if I did cry on FaceTime to Isla… twice!!


The show was as incredible as I’d remembered from it’s time playing the Theatre Royal in Bath & finished the night with a much deserved four tier standing ovation. I was bursting with pride for my wonderful best friend/partner in crime/fiance!


Barney’s jacket is Ted Baker & my hand bag is a Boy Bag from Chanel.


After a few glasses of champagne with some wonderful friends, we were well & truly partied out & stumbled the mere few steps from the National Gallery back to our penthouse to finish the night eating a cupcake with boobs on at 2am…

See the show & you’ll get it…


Of course, I barely slept – thinking about Isla – seeing as it was my first time away from her that was to be expected! Even though I knew she would be having the best time being spoilt by her nanny with kisses and silly games!


We had a quick breakfast on our balcony before I headed back to be reunited with our sweet girl!


It was great to just be me for a few hours and not ‘mummy’ – but my goodness I missed her every second I was away!




My English Tea Party – Baby Shower

This weekend my wonderful family threw me an English Tea Party as a substitute for the very American ‘Baby Shower’ that is slowly but surely becoming the norm over here too! It wasn’t the usual baby shower, as I wasn’t so keen on having any party games… I know… I’m such a spoil sport… But we used it as a great way to catch up with family and friends (and eat far too many scones!).

My lovely cousin Annabel came over the day before and helped me bake cupcakes and scones, because I thought that would be fun to stand in the kitchen for 4 hours baking & icing… Next time, Hummingbird Bakery are getting a call… Luckily they turned out really well & we even got lovely cupcake cases from the V&A to make them extra fancy. (Oooh!) £4.49 for 50 available here.

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

We served pink lemonade with fruit in jars with gorgeous paper straws, Earl Grey tea in vintage tea cups from my grandmother’s collection and champagne for anyone without a bump!

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

The flower arrangements were by far my favourite part – we saved old jars, bought some string and dyed it with tea before wrapping it around. I thinly sliced lemon and added it to the flowers that we picked from the garden. Et Voila! The cheapest flower arrangements of all time. And rather lovely, if I do say so myself!

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

The rest of the decoration was simple, colourful lanterns, floral bunting and some of Isla’s tiny baby socks clipped onto string with wooden pegs! We made finger sandwiches in traditional flavours… which took a painstaking amount of time to cut into neat fingers, so as you can see… they got a little more ‘rustic’ as time went on. (Why did I think making the food was a good idea…? Seriously, just order it all or better yet, go to a lovely restaurant and then you don’t even have to clean up!)

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

I think it’s safe to say, Ellie was pleased with the cupcakes…

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

The only ‘game’ of sorts that I wanted were predictions sheets for Isla! I’m so glad we did them as some of the answers are hilarious – especially from the younger party guests! There are lots of great free printables online or if you aren’t too bad on photoshop, you can whip up your own and personalise them like I did! I’m going to put them all into Isla’s baby book so she can read through them one day too!

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

To say we were spoilt would be the understatement of the year. Our wonderful family & friends gave us such beautiful gifts. We now have so many clothes Isla may start to think she’s North West & only have to wear everything once!! A huge thank you also to my parents for the most beautiful travel system and to Sarah, Barney’s mum, for Isla’s absolutely stunning cot! 

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

As you can see, Ellie took her job of Assistant Present Un-wrapper VERY seriously. She even told me off for being too slow (thanking people in-between gifts) a few times which was just hilarious. I’d highly recommend getting one of your own if you are feeling a little self conscious about being the centre of attention. I hear most can be paid in cupcakes and minion colouring books…

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Before everyone left we asked if they’d leave a little message for Isla, which we are going to scan and put into a beautiful piece of art for the nursery.

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

Everyone left with hugs, kisses, thank you’s and these little bags filled with cupcakes and sweet treats for the road!

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower

It was an absolutely lovely day, catching up with family and friends and getting advice from every generation! Thank you so much to my parents for hosting! We could not be more excited to start this journey as our own little family! T-Minus 6 weeks!!

Adventures With Isla Blog - Baby Shower