A behind the scenes look at Ellen’s new girl powered Gap Kids Collection…

Oh how cute is this? Ellen Degeneres, the much loved TV personality, talk show host and comedian has just launched a seriously awesome new collection with GapKids aiming to empower girls and give them more choices than the usual ‘Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys’… because we all know how I feel about that… “GapKids x ED is more than just a clothing collection”, Gap explains. “It is a social movement meant to empower young girls to be their own heroes.” Well alright then, sounds good to me!

Ellen Degeneres Gap Kids Adventures With Isla Blog

Ellen has recently launched ED, her new lifestyle brand which is bringing classic home wear and casual clothing to the masses at reasonable prices. Speaking to Refinery29 about her line, Degeneres said, “I don’t like extreme, feminine things. And I, don’t like masculine things… So, I think it’s blending both of those things to be sort of non-gender-specific, just cool and classic.” And if we didn’t already completely love this collaboration, some of the revenue generated will be donated to charity. “I am thrilled that my lifestyle brand, ED, is partnering with Gap to encourage young girls to pursue their passion, whether it’s math, science, sports, the arts,” said DeGeneres in a press release. “Following my passion allowed me to be exactly who I am today– a talk show host with a vibrant side business as a party mime.”

The line is set to be released on August 17th in selected stores across the UK… In the meantime we’ll just have to keep watching back the adorable behind the scenes video…

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